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The Son is Risen

Read Revelation 21

As we walk forward into this week, let’s remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us and be a light to our families, colleagues, students, and friends. Celebrating Easter is a time to reflect on our relationship with our risen savior, to remember that He gave His life as a sacrifice to save us, and that He is preparing a place in Heaven for those who follow Him. John described New Jerusalem as a city that “has no need of sun or moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and its lamp is the Lamb.“ Let's strive to reach that place with Him.

Here and now, it is so easy to fall into a daily routine of going through the motions of getting today’s work done to prep for the next day and the next day, moving through the motions without stopping to look up, and we may even worry about not being productive enough - through whatever measure of productivity lens we decide to view ourselves.

How often do you sincerely look up and connect with others, sewing seeds to spread the love of Jesus through your interactions throughout the day? Do you capitalize on the unplanned opportunities that God places in your path?

Last week, I was reminded of this in the car on the way home from school with my own children. My son blurted out, “[My friend] didn’t know that Easter was about Jesus!” This took me by surprise, so I asked some probing questions to learn more details. Apparently this topic came about during a lunchtime conversation, and my son and another friend explained to their buddy what they knew about Jesus. My next question was, “Did you invite him to church?” No, my 10-year-old had not yet invited his friend, but throughout the week, he then encouraged him several times to attend our church’s Easter morning service to learn more about the gospel.

Will this classmate visit church with us to experience more gospel conversations? I’m not sure, but I’m thankful that seeds are sewn and have faith that God can move in his life. We may never know the end result of the conversations we have during moments like this, but taking that time to share with a friend is a precious, priceless opportunity.

Let’s look up and listen to those around us as we move about our day. When God opens a door, bring Him up. Be willing to talk about church activities that you’re involved in, invite others to church, or even say a quick prayer when someone shares a need with you. Let His glory shine through you.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank you for your light in our lives. Let us share that light and hope with our communities. We ask these prayers in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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