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Consider your own reflection. Read: John 3:2 To Jesus, Nicodemus recognized, "We know that thou art a teacher come from God." As an educator, do you reflect a Godly life? As a public school teacher and aspiring administrator who cannot proselytize in the classroom, I often consider what I am doing to show others Jesus's impact on my life. On my filing cabinet, I have a small Bible, and my family photo is cased in a cross-adorned frame, but I also make efforts - even in tense situations - to speak and act in ethical, kind, loving ways, being intentional about my word choice and mannerisms. However, I still wonder at times if my behavior and actions are enough to fulfill the Christian mission of leading followers to Christ. Part of the answer lies also in how we lead our daily lives outside of the classroom walls. For example, I attend church within the school community in which I work and near my home, and some students from my school district and their parents attend my church. One student in my second period class asked me if I was planning to attend our Easter service and then shared with me - and with his classmates - that he was planning to be baptized on Easter morning. Then, other students began to ask him about his church, sparking a discussion among students before the bell rang. Even when we are in situations wherein we cannot directly, openly proclaim, "I follow Christ, and I believe you should follow Him, too," if we follow Him in our daily lives, God will put us in situations that bring glory to Him - even in public, secular settings. PRAYER: Lord, please guide our steps this week as we go forth and reflect your presence in our lives. Let us be models of Christ's leadership and bearers of the good news that he has risen and lives in us. We serve you and ask for these blessings in Christ's name. Amen. --Devoted Educator

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