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Stand Still

"see the salvation of the Lord"

Read: Exodus 14 and Ecclesiastes 3

In the midst of struggles, we expend so much energy and angst fighting for survival and peace of mind that we often get lost in the wilderness of our mental and physical strain. However, God's command to Moses is one that we can lean into today. He proclaimed, "Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord." There is a time for us to step forward and take action, but there is also a time to wait on the Lord to move. There is also "a time to keep silence, and a time to speak." What struggle are you in the midst of today? Are you too close to the problem to be able to identify a clear solution? Is it your time to keep silence? Can you step back, breathe, and lift your struggle up to God?

During this time of exercising patience and prayer, standing still, waiting on the Lord to move, we listen and watch. It is then that we begin to see his blessings unfold in our lives and around us. In my own life this week, while reflecting on God's glory in my life, I received a phone call in response to a concern that has been on my mind for months. The more we reflect on Him and share of His love and grace with those around us, the more He will continue to bless us. I see it in my own life. I see it in the lives of other believers and of those coming to know Him.

As educators, we can all use encouragement. We tend to be doers in our communities and givers of ourselves to others and in search of solutions. Hear His words: "Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord." While we are about our Father's business, trust that He also is about ours. He knows our every need, the very desires of our hearts. Trusting in Him and His plan for us may seem risky at first, but the more we step out - and stand still, firm - in our faith in Him, the more grounded we will become in our understanding of our salvation and in our relationship with Him. In sharing this relationship with our Lord, our faith also begins to affect and influence those around us. Let's stand still and praise all the ways God is moving in our lives.

PRAYER: Lord, thank you, for moving in our lives and reminding us to stand still and see what you are doing for us and around us. Please lead us out of our struggles and closer to you, Lord. Let us reflect your glory in our communities and lead disciples to you. We serve you and ask for these blessings in Christ's name. Amen.

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