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Read: Matthew 25:14-30

In a world of people aspiring to achieve standardization and sameness, recognizing, responding to, and honoring uniqueness takes deliberate effort. Establishing standards of excellence is important to a life well lived - a diploma or degree earned - a career opportunity well deserved. However, above and beyond the standard, what makes us unique? How are we contributing to the needs of our communities? What gifts do we have that we can use to shine light into a dark world?

Jesus has shared with us standard requirements for living in the light of God's eternal glory, which is a quality of life reached through repentance and salvation. God has established a standard for our lives. Beyond that, we each hold unique gifts to share. Consider Jesus's Parable of Talents. A traveler equips each of his servants with a number of talents (an amount of money) according to the abilities of each. When the traveler returns, he rewards those who grew their talents as "good and faithful servants" and admonishes the servant who did not prosper as a "wicked" and "unprofitable servant." Are we deliberately using our talents to benefit the mission of Jesus Christ to the best of our abilities? Are we equipping our students and those around us to use their talents in profitable ways that elicit growth for self and community?

It's up to us to help our kids grow and to establish healthy environments for students to both reach the standards established for them and to discover their unique talents, honing them for present and future prosperity. As we grow spiritually as contributing members of the body of Christ, we should also foster growth of our students and colleagues, supporting them as they use their unique gifts to become contributing members of their classes and communities.

PRAYER: Thank you, Lord, for the unique gifts and blessings you bestow upon each of us and for revealing ways we each can use our gifts to share your blessings with other people in our lives. Please guide us to lead others to find your light in themselves and to follow you. We serve you and ask for these blessings in Christ's name. Amen.

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