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Shine Bright

Read Matthew 5 Back-to-school season is upon us, and the summer sun shines bright as fall approaches. As we enter this season of relationship building, meaning-making, and academic growth, what prayers are you praying for the coming school year? In what ways do you seek to serve and support your school community? One morning of teacher in-service last week at my local school was dedicated to an early bird open house for parents and students to come meet teachers, find classrooms, and learn about our school. Then, at church this week, I felt excited and blessed to see several newly familiar faces of students and parents that I recently met at open house. This was a significant reminder to me of the importance of serving to model a life lived for Christ. Our students and their families see us both in our interactions at work but also out in the community doing whatever it is that we do in our lives outside of the school walls. The influence of an educator travels far beyond the instruction of course content. Jesus said, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven" (Matthew 5:16). Consider your interactions with school community members both during school and outside the classroom walls. In what ways do you or can you let your light shine? PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank you for entrusting us with the hearts and minds of students you send our way. Please guide us to lead them to grow in ways that fulfill your plan and that open their eyes to find true joy and fulfillment in this life. We ask these prayers in the name of Jesus. Amen. 

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